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Version 7.3408

  • Players can now use the /reputation command to show their current reputation scores.
  • Interacting with mission objective objects now ends Stealth, Invisibility, Improved Invisibility, and Disguise effects.
  • Bug causing several missions to not start has been fixed.
  • Players can now level up several Attributes at the same time when they have more than one point to spend.
  • Bug causing players to become trapped in Interlock has been fixed. (Thanks Outlaw54 and Twister1352 for your help and patience.)
  • Bug causing players models to jump higher and stand in midair after Reconstructing has been fixed.
  • The Efficiency Ability now reduces IS cost by a percentage rather than by a number of points. (You can no longer reduce an IS cost to 0.)
  • Players Reconstructing after a Duel can no longer be killed (full jackout) if the other player's Free Fire timer is still running.
  • Adjustments to the mission system have been made to improve where missions are placed.
  • Players must now be within 80m of a mission team member to gain the XP from mission phase completion.
  • Name tags of friendly players are now visible while they are using an Invisibility or Stealth Ability.

Version 7.3069

Abilities and Disciplines

  • Guard Breaker effect is no longer as noticeable to Agents.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Building security NPCs will now try to reach an attacking player before entering the Evade state.

Game-Balance Changes

  • Collector items have been adjusted to give more appropriate bonuses for the levels required to gain them.

Missions and Tutorial

  • Completing hidden Mission goals before they are revealed no longer makes it impossible to complete the mission.
  • Reputation gain for missions has been lowered for high-reputation characters on teams led by low-reputation characters.
  • Adjustments made to ensure more level-appropriate NPC spawns.

User Interface

  • Tip pop ups can now be turned off from the Options panel.
  • Attempting to load or unload Abilities on the Vendor Abilities panel no longer hangs the client. (Players can only load and unload Ability codes from the Hardline menu or in the Loading Area .)

Fixes and Miscellaneous Changes

  • Bug keeping players from teleporting to Constructs has been fixed.
  • Open worlds are now sorted to the top of the list in the launcher window.

Version 7.3063

New Features

  • An in-game media player has been added. (Accessible via the Options panel.)
  • Character Inventories have been increased to 16 slots per page.
  • Players can now adjust camera-control settings in the Options panel.

Abilities and Disciplines

  • Strafing movements are now affected by movement enhancement upgrades.

Abilities and Disciplines

  • NPC AI has been adjusted to improve responsiveness to nearby players.

Camera and Controls

  • Camera reaction to nearby objects has been improved.
  • Mouse Turn/Mouse Look toggle hotkey now works correctly.
  • Typing /keyboard will now open or close the Keyboard Bindings panel.

Game-Balance Changes

  • NPC statistics have been adjusted for appropriate difficulty at high levels.
  • Clothing items that gave overall Combat Tactics bonuses now have different bonuses.
  • Ranged Tactics bonuses now only exist on shirts.
  • Melee Tactics bonuses now only exist on pants.
  • Items with reduced Tactics bonuses (Ranged or Melee) now have additional bonuses of a different type.
  • Teleporting via Hardline no longer fully heals characters.
  • Stun and Mez effects now include an Immunity timer.
  • Stun effects now also cause damage.
  • Mez effects now also reduce the target's Viral Resistance for the duration of the effect and immunity timers.
  • Many Stun and Mez effects now have a reduced duration.

User Interface

  • Players can now block incoming AIM messages from users not on their buddy lists. (This doesn't affect in-game players or users with @thematrixonline.com AIM accounts.)
  • Font size for macro icons has been reduced.
  • Tutorial UI and functionality has been polished.
  • Loading Area screens have gotten some cosmetic work.
  • Mouseover popups for hotbar items now display under the character information window to avoid blocking the combat view.
  • Hardlines not on a player's known list now have the Synchronize option for adding the Hardline to the list.
  • Chat UI no longer gets repositioned after Teleporting via Hardline.
  • More "first use" pop ups have been added to explain game features.

Fixes and Miscellaneous Changes

  • Bug causing the client to hang after character creation has been fixed.
  • Interlock performance has been improved.
  • Bug causing the client to hang while Coding has been fixed.
  • Many mission bugs have been fixed.
  • Sister Margaret has agreed to stop changing into a pigeon.
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